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Technological Edge


We undertake “Dyeing” of wide range of products from outer wear to inner wear.

Main Dyeing Processes

Plant Dyeing (New Plant Dyeing)

Plant Dyeing

It is a safe, environment friendly and light on health dyeing using natural dyestuff gathered from plants.

Reactive dyeing

Reactive dyeing

It is a dyeing process using a suitable chemical reaction for a casual product needing colorful shades and deep colors.

Sulfurization dyeing

Sulfurization dyeing

This dyeing is used for bringing out used cloth feeling.

Pigment dyeing

Pigment dyeing

It is a dye often used for casual products where light feeling is required.

High-pressure dyeing

It is a high-pressure high temperature dyeing, which beautifully dyes the synthetic material product.

Cation dyeing

An acrylic fiber closer to natural wool is dyed at high temperature using the cationic dye.