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Supercritical high-pressure liquid processing

Anhydrous dyeing with Supercritical high-pressure liquid processing equipment

A supercritical fluid is a fluid with the character of the liquid and the gas, and carbon dioxide especially becomes more supercritical than other materials under a comparatively mild condition. Dyestuff and functional agents etc. are dissolved into this fluid, and it can be impregnated into polymer. In addition to that, it can be used for extracting impurities from natural substances and it can also be used as a reactive solvent in organic synthesis.

Extraction of pure Lithospermi Radix Extract using Supercritical High-pressure Fluid Processing Equipment

Lithospermi Radix

Lithospermi Radix

Principal ingredient of “Shiun-ko”, Chinese medicine ointment for the dermatitis designed in Edo period by the famous doctor Seishu Hanaoka, and it is effective in the injuries of the skin diseases of eczema, the corner skin syndrome, the athlete's foot, pimples, chaps, cracks, burns, cuts, and the print wounds, etc.


A main extraction ingredient
  • It is a safe Lithospermi Radix Extract without the residual solvent due to CO2 extraction.
  • It is a clear red Lithospermi Radix Extract not obtained by the ethanol and the BG extraction.
  • There is no thermal degradation when extracting it


Evaluation  by absorbance of skin lotion combined with shikon essence

The CO2 extraction lithospermi radix extract can be used for wide range of products such as make-up water, lip cream, beauty cream, and soap.

Product Standards

Item Standard
Form Liquid or Vaseline type material of dark red color
Odor Little peculiar odor
Heavy metals Below 20ppm
Arsenic Below 2ppm