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Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

We do not have any openings at this time.

Projects and Benefits

  1. Projects
    Recruiting departmen
    All faculties, all departments
    Number of applicants recruited
    Depends on the year
    Line of work
    Technology manager
  2. Application method

    Either through school/university or direct application by individual.

  3. Documents to be submitted
    • Curriculum vitae (with photograph)
    • Academic transcript
  4. Screening process

    Employment interview, test

  5. Recruitment officer

    Yoshiyuki Fujiwara

  6. Benefits
    Starting salary
    University graduate: 184,380 JPY, High school graduate: 151,060 JPY (Actual figures for 2009)
    Various allowances
    Commuting allowance, family allowance, other
  7. Working hours

    From 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, 40 hours in a week (shifts and working hours change on yearly basis)

  8. Holidays and leaves
    • Sundays and according to company calendar (Number of annual holidays: 97)
    • Public holidays, New year holidays (7 days including Saturday and Sunday), Golden week (5 days including Saturday and Sunday), Summer vacation (5 days including Saturday and Sunday)

Welfare Programs

  • Various insurance schemes such as social insurance
  • Retirement allowance (Small and medium-sized enterprise retirement allowance)
  • Company housing (for family)
  • Company trip
  • Circle of like-minded people (baseball club, golf club, fishing club, travel club, outdoor club etc)
  • Employee benefit club
  • Howa Friend’s Club
  • Employment Opportunities