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Other Facilities

DW and Tamano Plant, Conveyor System (Tamano)

DW and Tamano Plant, Conveyor System DW and Tamano Plant, Conveyor System

Water and stones are automatically fed to water washer DW that was indigenously developed by us for stone washing. After that, the entire process of screening out stones ~ second washing in clear water ~ dewatering ~ transfer to dryer can be automatically done by the conveyor, because of which the manual work could be minimized to the extent possible.

Laser (Head-office)


A hard crash and the gradation besides the whisker, the shot blasting style, the illustration, the logo can be done by freely adjusting the output of the laser light beam corresponding to most of the clothing materials as per customer requirement. High levels of stable quality and productivity can be obtained unlike manual work. It can also handle digital data such as photographs and illustrations, and photo shop can be used to edit and change the details like gradation and form.

Shaving Robot

Shaving Robot Shaving Robot

High-speed, high-accuracy, vertical articulated type six axis robot of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation is used. The stability level of the quality is also high at the same time as high-speed, and the brush installed in the tip exactly reproduces the movement of human hand. It has excellent productivity as it can be operational continuously throughout the day for 24 hrs.

Ozone decolorization equipment (Tamano)

Ozone decolorization equipment

It is a bleaching technology with the ozone gas to decrease the discharge during chlorine free bleaching technology and processing. Ozone is generated from the oxygen in the atmosphere, and dyestuff is decomposed and discolored by strong oxidation action, which makes it a very ecological bleaching method. In addition, ozone can be decomposed and restored to oxygen once the processing is over. Therefore, it is possible to process without absolutely no remnants and ZERO discharge of harmful decolorants.

Supercritical carbon dioxide equipment (Ogawa)

Supercritical carbon dioxide equipment

In addition to impregnating into polymer after dissolving dyestuff, functional agents etc. into supercritical fluid, it can also be used to extract impurities and effective constituents from natural material and as a reactive solvent for organic synthesis. We have small tester as well as large production equipment of 400liter. These equipments can be opened with one touch with environment friendly operation due to recovery and reuse of carbon dioxide.

High-pressure Dyeing Equipment (Head-office)

High-pressure Dyeing Equipment

Natural dyestuff gathered from the plant do not settle easily to the fiber, and in the past, dyeing had to be repeated multiple times. More dyestuff can infiltrate and settle on the fiber by dyeing one degree by using this high-pressure dye device which we have developed. (The patent is under examination). Moreover, dyeing of synthetic material such as polyester is also possible.

Testing Laboratory (Head-office)

Testing Laboratory

Here, the performance of chemicals such as dyestuff, supplementary agents, and resins used by the processing is examined, and material that passes the tests is used in production. Moreover, fastness test (quality check) is conducted to improve the quality after processing.

Inkjet (Head-office)


Printing pigments are applied on the cloth. Pigments are fastened with heat treatment after processing. Images can be edited with Photoshop and Illustrator and printed on the cloth. The difference with the printing is that it does not need the version of each color and size can be changed as needed.