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Head-Office Plant

Head-Office Plant Head-Office Plant

Finding the vector of 21st century as a core of progressing HOWA.

(Obtained the international environmental standard ISO 14001 in 2002)

Not only dyeing, washing and processing of the jeans for the orders of domestic and foreign customers, but the head-office plant is also engaged in wide range of dyeing such as child clothes, high-level women’s wear and inners. In order to handle the production of high-level materials in small lots, it was revolutionized in to multi-variety small-lot plant in recent years by strengthening the production systems, consolidating the work sites and installation of latest equipments. It strives to nurture talent and introduce current-edge technology to respond to the processing needs of especially high-level and new materials.

Tamano Plant

Tamano PlantTamano Plant

Known as a cutting-edge plant because of its latest washing drum.

(Obtained the international environmental standard ISO 14001 in 1998)

Engaged in dyeing and washing as an exclusive plant for EDWIN group. This plant has been designed to handle mass production as well as small lot production. In addition to improving production techniques, it also strives to protect the environment. It was one of the first plants in the industry that acquired ISO-14001 and it is known for its environment friendly practices. It also focuses on quality control through its end-to-end production line starting from processing, inspection and shipping.