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Eco Project

Environmental Policy

We will continue to protect the global environment through our actions.

Concerns about global warming and environmental destruction are rising day by day, and it is forecasted that consideration to the global environment will become important more and more in the future. HOWA was the first company in Japan in the fiber processing industry to acquire “ISO14001” in 1998. In future as well, HOWA will follow “We will continue to protect the global environment through our actions”.

Environmental Policy (ISO14001 Certified)

HOWA Corporation understand that environmental protection is one of the most important challenges faced by the mankind today. Our slogan is “We will continue to protect the global environment through our actions” and we undertake the following activities to implement the spirit of this slogan.

  1. Accurately assess the environmental impact of business activities conducted by HOWA Corporation.
  2. In order to push forward with the activities for protecting the global environment, in addition to setting up Environment Management Committee and creating environment management organization where all the employees can participate, we also work in cooperation with suppliers of raw material and energy.
  3. In addition to strictly abiding by the regulations of law and local authorities, we have set our own standards for prevention of pollution.
  4. With regard to the business activities of HOWA Corporation, we understand the following items need to be handled on priority basis and as a company wide activity, we strive to protect the environment.
    • Reduce the discharge of water pollutants.
    • Reduce waste material such as sludge and packaging waste material.
    • Reduce the consumption of energy such as fuel and power.
    • Training to implement preventive measures so that fuel, waste water, chemicals etc. do not impact the environment remarkably during emergency.
    • Actively try to replace the chemicals that places burden on the environment.
  5. Provide environmental education and undertake internal publication activities so that all the employees are aware of environmental policy and importance of protecting the environment. In addition, inform the suppliers about the environment policy and request their understanding and cooperation.
  6. Establish communication channels with various related government offices and local residents.
  7. Publish this environmental policy internally as well as externally.

December 10, 2001

Reduction of discharge of harmful substances

HOWA undertakes environmental measures not found in other countries. The following table shows the comparison of discharge of major harmful substances for one pair of jeans.

Harmful substances discharged for producing one pair of jeans
  • Material with 310 times of greenhouse effect as compared to Dinitrogen monoxide/carbon dioxide
  • Sulfurous acid gas/sulfur dioxide: Substances mainly responsible for environmental destruction

※The aforementioned figures are not for any specific factory.

Reduction of water pollutants

In addition, in order to discharge better quality water, we strive to reduce water pollutants. If one compares the main water quality indexes of discharged water for HOWA with raw water and officially regulated values, one would realize the extremely strict standards followed by HOWA for waste water.

Strict waste water treatment standards set based on environmental considerations
  • BOD/Biochemical oxygen demand (one of the most common indexes of water quality)
  • COD/Chemical oxygen demand (one of the representative indexes of water quality)
  • SS/Suspended solids, one of the water quality indexes

※The aforementioned figures are our own ratios.


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