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Japan's Howa, World's Howa

Eco-friendly processing technologies leading the worldwide jeans fashion

Creator of worldwide jeans fashion

Stone wash, Chemical wash

One stone changes the history of jeans. "Stone wash" that HOWA had developed in 1978 had a massive revolutionizing impact on the shops flocked by young people. Despite of being new product, stone wash with faded colors was well received by young people, which started the explosive jeans boom in Japan. And, the stone wash processing also spread to the world. Later on, Chemical wash developed in Europe came to Japan 1986. HOWA was actually the creator of global jeans fashion.

Using ultra fine techniques on various materials to meet the touch requirements of jeans freaks

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Tough requirements of jeans freaks, who demand multiple color shades in one pair of jeans helped in honing the technical skills of HOWA over the years. During that, we could also get involve in wide range of dyeing starting from formal wear, casual wear, work wear up to inner wear. Moreover, in addition to plants equipped with latest equipments, we took the lead in establishing research laboratories having hi-tech devices, and as a creator of Japan’s fashion culture, we handle wide variety of requirements from industry through our day-to-day innovation and efforts.

Development of jeans bleaching that overriding the common sense of the industry

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Everyone is aware that fashionability of jeans is enhanced by washing. However, in the conventional washing, it was common to use chlorine-based chemicals, which placed enormous burden on the environment. HOWA has been involved in R&D activities aimed at “people and environment friendly production”, and it has taken lead in developing “Eco Bleaching” (Patent Number 3232010), which use the reduction of glucose without using any chlorine-based chemicals and “Air Wash” (Patent Number 2010650, Patented in 7 countries) using Ozone. Today, HOWA is recognized as a company having excellent technology that is environment friendly as well as eco-friendly.

High cost competitive and timely production system with continuous technology development

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HOWA thoroughly moves ahead with automation even in its existing equipment to produce “Made in Japan” products with high cost competitiveness and technological edge. The production system capable of supplying from small lot of multiple varieties to large lots is not found in any other company.