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President's Message

HOWA Corporation CEO Toyoo Tashiro

With the philosophy of Customer First, challenge continuously to start a new era of growth

Let us start the world’s most unprofitably business (in Kojima area). If we can successfully do it, we would be able to survive in any time.

I started business with this feeling in 1965 and that’s when the “Challenge” of HOWA began. However, the reality is harsh. After starting out, we continued to face difficulties for many years. At one time when the company was facing cash-flow problems, I sold my car and used that money as working capital.

However, it was because of these difficult times that we could learn various things. What I am unable to forget now as well is the help and support provided by many people and customers.

Reason why HOWA is surviving today is certainly because of the patronage of our customers. Conditions for any company to survive not only include having a profitable business model, but also the customers who are providing the source of profits.?

Therefore, instead of thinking about our own interest, we must preserve the interests of all the people involved in our business activities.

We always strive to help each other without forgetting the spirit of challenge with the philosophy of “Customer First” and slogan of “Let’s create happiness”, while contributing to our customers and society through our day-to-day work.